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The Emerging Church Trap: Avoid the Bait – DVD


Is the Emerging Church movement a God-led force “whose time has come,” or a subtle device from our ancient enemy (see Revelation 12:9) strategically designed to influence millions to “depart from the faith”? (1 Timothy 4:1). This DVD set a by Steve Wohlberg explores the issues fairly, and sounds a sober warning.

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The Emerging Church movement has recognized leaders (such as Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Rob Bell, Dallas Willard, and Leonard Sweet), is interdenominational, ecumenical, inter-spiritual (seeking camaraderie with non-Christian religions), mystical and global. When many Christians today look at their own churches, they see them as dry, boring, and out-of-touch with 21st-century trends. Unfortunately, this is often the case. For many, Emerging Church concepts and “ancient spiritual disciplines” seem like a God-led breath of fresh air. Especially to young people. Are they really? Are they safe? While containing some positive features, is it possible that the Emerging Church ideas and mystical practices really lead to invasion by “deceiving spirits” and being duped by “doctrines of demons”? (read 1 Timothy 4:1).

This DVD set by Steve Wohlberg explores the issues fairly and sounds a sober warning

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