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Discovering the Lost Sabbath Truth


Most Christians today recognize the eternal validity of the Ten Commandments, but have you ever taken a close look at commandment Number Four? Surprisingly, it requires the observance of “the seventh day” (see Exodus 20:10), which falls on Saturday, not Sunday!


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Discovering the Lost Sabbath Truth explains how Sunday-keeping entered Christianity and builds a strong case that “the seventh day” should still be observed, and that it is really “the Lord’s Day” created by Jesus Christ (compare Exodus 20:8-11 with Matthew 12:8 and John 1:10). Eye-opening. Irrefutable. Great for sharing!

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    Nathaniel J. Merritt

    There are a number of such booklets available but my favorite, and the one I recommend in my series of Bible lessons, is this one by pastor Steve. My wife enjoyed it as well. Being a newbie to the Truth of the Sabbath, this booklet was very helpful to me when I began my study, and I recommend that you buy copies to give away to your Sunday-observing Christian friends. It’s sure to start a conversation or supply needed info for those truly seeking the Lord as to His genuine Sabbath.

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