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Pastor Sean Harris – White Horse Media Event – Jamaica, August 2015


The Lord blessed tremendously at our White Horse Media event held in August 2015, at the Waterford SDA Church in Jamaica. The broadcast was live throughout the nation on the Sabbath evening of the event. The highlight of the event was to see Sean’s mother-in-law responding to the altar call and making her decision to prepare for baptism. Gospel recording artist Neville Peter ministered alongside Pastor Harris during the meetings.

Event Schedule & Topics:

  • Friday Evening – “The Sabbath Up Close & Personal”
  • Saturday Morning – “RSVP: The Bereans and the Sabbath”
  • Saturday Afternoon – “Study of Colossians 2:16”
  • Saturday Evening – “Sixteenth Century Reformation for Today’s Generation”
  • Sunday Evening – “A Bill of Rights or A Bill of Peace & Safety”

Sean Harris and Neville Peter
Portmore Jamaica

“The atmosphere in the Waterford Seventh-day Adventist Church in Portmore, Jamaica on August 21-23 was electrifying. Pastor Sean Harris of White Horse Media presented the word of God with clarity and authority to a captive audience. Hundreds of people came out to hear the “Three Angels’ Message” preached. He preached before a packed audience on Sabbath where the afternoon’s program was broadcast live on NCU (Northern Caribbean University) Radio. Accompanying the preaching of the Three Angels’ Message by Pastor Sean Harris was the melodious, heartwarming, soul stirring and inspiring singing of Bro. Neville Peter.” By: Pastor Onell Montaque

“Dear Steve,

It was indeed a pleasure coming and hearing the word of God from your Sean Harris here in Jamaica. Please continue the great work and we will all be praying for you and your family while you carry out this very important work. Love, blessings and prayers from Jamaica. York Season and Family”

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