Still Waiting to Leave the Cities? The George Floyd Tragedy, Racism, The End Times


As most of you know, in the context of the CoronaCrisis, White Horse Media has recently hosted a series of programs urging people to move out of crowded and wicked cities for the sake of their health, their families, their safety, their sanity, and their souls. In the last two weeks, a new crisis has exploded: violence and looting inside countless cities worldwide as angry mobs shift beyond peaceful protests to chaos, mayhem, and murder. Onlookers with legitimate concerns over injustice are aghast. These recent developments have prompted us to schedule two new programs. The first, “Still Waiting to Leave the Cities?” will be presented by Tim Saxton and myself this coming Saturday, June 6, at 10 AM Pacific Time. Q & A, too. 

Our second event will be this Tuesday, June 9, at 2 PM (PT), when my close friend Ivor Myers and I will share our heartfelt concerns together on Zoom in a message entitled, “The George Floyd Tragedy, Racism, and the End Times.” Here is the link to join our live Zoom meeting on Tuesday, June 9, at 2:00 PM. 

May God keep us safe, and sane, in these tumultuous times. 



  1. Good morning. Thank you for mentioning recent events. However I want to state that the SDA organization is always hesitant to speak out about racism and systemic discrimination against black people and other minorities. Jesus was always about social justice. The recent rioting and looting happens at night after the peaceful protests ad usually by outsiders and other agitators. This nation was founded on violence against black and native people already on the land. Europeans have stolen land and rapes the stolen of its resources, brought diseases, rapes women, child, and men, while setting up racist systems of control and dominance. So in essence, white people are seeing the results of what they have done always to “the other” We know that Jesus a created the human race and created diversity within it. It was European scientists who created systems of class by dividing people according to warped perception of people and these white men who came out of the period of enlightenment continue to teach racism and classism in their schools and through the media. I do not condone the looting and violence, however white men through their laws and policies set these conditions up because they and even those in our corporate church do not see black people as fully human. Remember the Constitution only sees me and other black as 3/5 of a human being. Until you and others who look like you, even in our SDA church reconcile and acknowledge your roles corporately and individually in the spread of the myths of white supremacy, racism, and discrimination, black people will contine to voice our dissent by any means necessary, until corporate and individual hearts are changed. I am tired of crying for my brothers and sisters and our children being slained by modern day slave catchers and the SDA church wrings its hands and waits to speak out. This is the same attitudes faced by Ancient Israel after Joseph died. This must stop and it will stop. My people have been crying out to God since the first group of Africans were stolen and brought here in 1619. How long, God will you permit my people to die in the streets as if we have no value. We’re shut out in education, finance, housing, medical, dental and mental health care, economics and subjected to abject poverty! How long God will you permit the slaughter of my people because of the pigment of our skin? How long, God? I have no more tears to cry. What happened to Mr. George Floyd was beyond heinous and cruel and evil, and yet all media and white people can focus on is the looting, violence and property destruction! America, you are reaping the fruits of the examples you set a long time ago. I hurt for my people. We want to have equal protection under the law just like you. There is more I want to say, but in spite of my pain, I know that God will avenge us individually and corporately. I look forward to His return to finally free my people who have suffered for over 400 years! Come, Lord Jesus and restore us in your image and your likeness.

    1. Thank you, this is the very best history lesson I have read in a very long time. Shame this is not published in every media that is in this USA today. Everyone needs to read and learn from this. Again, thank you

  2. Sister, we all need JESUS. More of Him. He’ll make EVERYTHING right that has been wrong. The soon return of Jesus will bring an end to ALL evil, ALL injustice, all sin. Are you ready? Let’s get ready! The Lord is coming!

  3. We really enojyed the last presentation on “waiting to leave the cities “. Where can i find pdf you mentioned with information on how start searching for rural living?

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