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Big News! White Horse Media Bible School Now LIVE


Bible School: We are so excited! After nearly a year of preparation, our new White Horse Media Bible School is now LIVE. We created the website from scratch (special thanks to Jeff Kyle). It looks stunning, is easy to navigate, and features the Thunder in the Holy Land video series filmed in Israel with a dynamic team of young people who visit biblical locations and explain Bible teachings. 

Our school contains 26 half-hour videos, 26 lessons, and 26 Bible studies focusing on God’s Word. Our team just designed business cards and 5×8 cards for people to share widely to encourage others to join the school as students. God has BIG PLANS for this Bible school and we hope for 1000s of students in the future from around the world. The main website is: 

Rob Knott: The Director of our Bible School is Rob Knott who recently joined White Horse Media full-time as my associate speaker. Rob and I have become very good friends. We are heart-to-heart and make a good time. To get better acquainted with Rob, watch his new 8-min. video, Sowing the Wind, Reaping the Whirlwind. Rob is also available to conduct Bible seminars in your church. If you are interested, contact White Horse Media.  

Below is my recent message, Beelzebub, given in Roanoke, Virginia, about Jesus, a blind man, devils, demon possession, Pharisees, Beelzebub, and deep spiritual blindness. The Holy Spirit was with me. If you watch it, I believe you will be richly blessed! 

Thursday Live! Today. Today (July 14) at 4 pm PT, I will share the basics of this message about Beelzebub and take your questions on our White Horse Media Facebook and YouTube channels. Join us if you can. 

It is wonderful to know that our Savior loves us and is with us in these last days. “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world,” is His promise in Matthew 28:20. Let’s make Him the Supreme Center of our lives, reveal His character, do His work, and rely on His Word above human theories. 

Blessings to you!

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