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New Wohlberg Message: “He has made us kings.” Revelation 1:6 / WHM Resources


The Book of Revelation tells us that Jesus Christ “loved us, and has washed us from our sins in His own blood” (Revelation 1:5). How fantastic! But, there’s more. Then it says that Jesus “has made us kings” (Revelation 1:6, KJV). I have often scratched my head over that statement. Really? Me? You? A King? (or perhaps a Queen, if you are female). What does this mean? Here is my latest message offering Bible insights into this mysterious verse. This Scriptural message is not only life-changing for adults but is especially relevant to youth and teens. Parents, share it with your kids. I hope everyone will share it widely. 

In addition, here are some other “Resources for the Remnant”:  

  1. One of the biggest challenges facing millions in these last days—including Bible-believing Christians—is anxiety and depression. I know this by personal experience, for I have struggled with these difficulties, too. Many of you have read my testimony in my little pocketbook, Help for the Hopeless. Now White Horse Media is distributing a fascinating new book called Depressed People of the Bible: Freedom from a Cave of Depression to the Light of Life, written by my friend, Jeff Zaremsky. In his well-written and hopeful book, Jeff looks at the lives of biblical people like Moses, King David, King Saul, Peter, and even Jesus Himself (who wrestled with depression in the Garden of Gethsemane). If you are fighting this battle, or know someone who is, this book can be a life-changing encouragement. It is now available from White Horse Media. 1-800-782-4253. 

2. Recently I discovered another fabulous aid to deepen my Christian life, right on my cell phone. I found it by going to “EGW Writings 2” in my App Store. It’s free. If you download that App into your phone, one particular feature I really like is called “Audiobooks.” Clicking that, you will see a list of wonderful audiobooks you can easily listen to right on your phone, anytime you want. Of particular note, at the end of the list, are two audiobooks written by S.N. Haskell entitled, “The Story of Daniel the Prophet” and “The Story of the Seer of Patmos” (about the Book of Revelation). These audiobooks are fantastic! I highly recommend them. You can listen anytime, such as while taking a walk, or preparing breakfast, or working in your yard. The audiobook,”Education,” by EG White is also phenomenal. As are “The Desire of Ages” (on the life of Jesus) and “The Great Controversy.”

“I will show you what is noted in the Scripture of Truth,” stated the angel Gabriel to Daniel the prophet (see Daniel 10:21). 

May God lead us into a deeper understanding of “the Scripture of Truth” during these challenging last days as we await the soon return of our Savior in the clouds. 


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