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New WHM Video: “Bible Proof that Billy Graham is NOT in Heaven.”


The world-famous evangelist Billy Graham is dead. At this moment, his body lies in a casket in the middle of the Rotunda in the heart of Washington, D.C. President Trump spoke earlier today about his passing. Many believe Pastor Graham is NOW in heaven, yet this is NOT what the Bible teaches. Our newest video (only 9 minutes) PROVES from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 that dead Christians are truly DEAD and “sleep in Jesus” until Resurrection Day. FYI, our new video is very respectful, honors the tremendous good that God did through Billy Graham, and yet clarifies Bible facts about where Pastor Graham is NOW, contrary to the opinion of many. To watch this very moving and powerful video, Bible Proof that Billy Graham is NOT in Heaven, (again, it’s only 9 minutes), click the player below.


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To learn more about what the Bible teaches about death, burial, and resurrection, White Horse Media recommends our little pocketbook, Solving the Mystery of Death. It’s short, easy to read, and great for sharing.

We have also posted on our website an excellent Bible study entitled, “The Nature of Man in Life and in Death.”

Whatever you think of Pastor Billy Graham — and yes, we realize that he is a controversial figure — our prayer is that God will comfort the hearts of all who are grieving his loss, and that He will teach us the TRUTH of His Word as we eagerly await the soon return of Jesus Christ.

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  1. I could never understand why people will say so and so is in Heaven. No one is in Heaven, the bible is clear, there will be a resurrection when those in Christ will rise and those dead in Christ will be judged. Great video above. Thank you!

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