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New WHM Video: 2022 What’s Coming?


Here is our newest video, 2022: What’s Coming? It’s only about 5 minutes, yet it’s packed with life-and-death information to help you to be ready for the world’s apocalyptic future and the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Donations from our supporters were very good at the end of 2021. To those who gave, thank you so much. I mean this from my heart. Our ministry would not exist but for God and our supporters. Our White Horse Media Bible School is almost ready to be launched. Stay tuned. With God’s help, we will implement His big plans in 2022. Also, I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 13) at 4 pm PT, for a short Bible study, and then I will take live questions. If you can, join us.

Thursday Live

We will also soon purchase Restream, which will allow us to go LIVE simultaneously on 30+ social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and many others. This is amazing! Technology is advancing rapidly, and we aim to keep using it for the Lord to reach people around the world with the three angels’ messages (see Revelation 14:6-12) in these final times. 

God is so good!

Keep looking up…

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