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New WHM Tract What’s Next? Is Here!


After months of intense preparation (and some satanic setbacks), I am thrilled to announce that White Horse Media’s new truth-filled tract, What’s Next? is finally available. Fabulous cover. Perfect for sharing. In the context of a global pandemic, it explains what the Bible says about the fast-approaching future, the beast, its mark, and the love of Jesus Christ. Below is my new 4-min. video explaining the details. 

Click below to preview the entire tract, and for prices, including bulk discounts.

May the Holy Spirit and holy angels use this little tract mightily to spread the light of God’s end-time truth into these dark, confusing times. 


  1. Dear Pastor Steve:
    I just read your tract “What’s Next?”.
    Excellent! I will be ordering a pack as soon as possible.
    God Bless You.

  2. hi,
    Do me a favor that I would like to register in your e mail letter
    mailing list, Appreciated . thank

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