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Pastor Steve Wohlberg

A Jewish Christian from Los Angeles, Pastor Steve Wohlberg is the Speaker/ Director of White Horse Media (Priest River, ID) and the host of His Voice Today radio and television broadcasts. A prolific writer and much in-demand speaker, he is the author of over 30 books and has conducted Bible prophecy seminars throughout North America and overseas. He has been featured on three History Channel documentaries (Nostradamus Effect: Secrets of the Seven Seals; Armageddon Battle Plan; Strange Rituals: Apocalypse) and has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate. He currently lives in Priest River, Idaho, with his wife Kristin and their two children, Seth Michael and Abigail Rose.


  1. Donna
    February 21, 2018 @ 8:47 pm

    Greetings, Steve!
    I want to commend you, and praise God for the work you are doing! It’s wonderful to see someone “giving the trumpet that certain sound!” I don’t have money, but I do pray for God to bless you and your family, and the work you are doing in order to warn the world! It is truly exciting as we see the signs of Christ’s soon return!


  2. Colleen
    February 22, 2018 @ 10:56 pm

    If only Jesus would return soon.


  3. lily hughes
    February 25, 2018 @ 10:21 am

    Steve, I really appreciated this message and look forward to hearing all of them and also sharing them. I heard you say you still are not sure why you had your “terrible” time of suffering. Please consider that God allowed Satan to test you to the utmost to strengthen, not only your faith but the faith of others. It was meant for them as well as for yourself. Ellen White wrote all God’s faithful will have a “last test” to try our faith to the utmost as to whether we have purchased the “gold tried in the fire” as one of the remedies in Rev. 3:18 or whether it proves to be “fool’s gold” that will not pass the test. Now is the time to make sure which gold we are trusting to. God does not allow such a trial to a man of God who has a position of great influence without it’s meaning to become apparent, not just for you, but for His children who will suffer through a period of pain and confusion, if not before, during the time of Jacob’s Trouble. “For seven days after Noah and his family entered the ark, there appeared no sign of the coming storm. During this period their faith was tested as there appeared no sign of the coming storm.” PP p.98 When the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from the earth, God’s people will then enter a time of anguish as you experienced and God may have given your test of faith to give hope to those who will soon endure their test. Very soon the 144,000 will “endure the anguish of the time of Jacob’s trouble” GC 628,619
    Remember Job, it was for God’s glory and a lesson for all His saints since until He comes to take us home. Everything God allows, especially for one who can reach so many, He means for the assurance and hope of His abiding presence through the deep darkness of their final test. God bless you. lily


  4. Yolandé Pansegrouw
    April 16, 2020 @ 9:10 pm

    Hi I have a question I do not understand the books in heaven so clearly. If I repent and ask forgiveness for my sins and believe Jesus will save me. Why is Jesus still going to lookat my record books if He died for my sins already. I feel if thst is the case and if I forgot to ask forgiveness for some sins which are in those books then I will never be saved. Can pastor please help me to understand how I can know for certain that I will be saved?


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