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New Movie, UnPlanned, Exposes Abortion Industry


The new movie, Unplanned, opened March 29. This gripping docudrama tells the true story of Abby Johnson, who was a Clinical Director for Planned Parenthood, until she learned (from the inside) that this mammoth organization isn’t primarily about helping moms, but killing babies. It’s big business. After Abby learned the truth, and then witnessed a horrifying abortion, she quit, and became a pro-life activist. Seizing the moment, Remnant Publications has sent out a news flash about White Horse Media’s pocketbook, Hidden Holocaust. In this time of national discussion and heated debates about abortion, this is a perfect opportunity to share God’s Word widely. Let’s stand up for Jesus Christ our magnificent Creator (see John 1:1-3,14), for the life He gives (see Psalm 139:13), and for His tiny babies.

Watch the trailer by clicking the picture below:

Hidden Holocaust can be ordered online,
Or by calling White Horse Media.
Quantity discounts available.

May God help His children!


  1. Thanks once again Steve for your giving this your broad attention. I’ve hounded you for several months now to do this very thing, which you have been, and I just want you to know how much I deeply appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Some think we should just quietly go on about our business and let nature take it’s course, but then there are those of us who feel that we have to stand up and be counted and if that means loudly, then so be it. Thanks again Steve, please keep up the good work. As a regular monthly contributor I pray for your continued success as the Lord intends.

  2. I worked in baby hospital nursery’s for yrs back in the 60’s, women have known about the true reasons for abortions since then at least. They just don’t care, they use it as birth control than to take care of prevention. They have been having abortions up in the 7th month for 40 years. They say better the baby is gone then them have to have it. That is why we have so few American babies for people to adopt that can not have them themselves. Go look to the morgue at WAH and see all the dead babies in little white boxes stacked up to the ceiling.

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