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New HOT Video: 7 Facts About The Mark Of The Beast (In Only 4 Minutes!)


What is “the mark of the beast” predicted to “deceive” the world? (see Revelation 12:9; 19:20). Those who search online for the answer will inevitably discover a plethora of views, opinions, and conflicting theories. What is the truth? Our newest White Horse Media video, 7 Facts about the Mark of the Beast (In Only 4 Minutes!), reveals essential information everyone needs to know, including you. Our video is short, shocking, direct, and to the point. But most importantly, it’s biblical and lifts up Jesus Christ. 

Much prayer has gone into the production of this new video, and we hope for a million+ views on YouTube. Through the Holy Spirit’s power, and with the cooperation of a dedicated team of hi-tech friends, we believe this is 100% possible. If you wish to assist with this critical outreach project, here is the link to make a donation (under “Apply Donation” select “Digital Evangelism” in the drop-down menu). With the help of our faithful supporters, we are trusting our Lord Jesus Christ to make this new video one of our most widely viewed ever. Please pray for this, and pray for those who will watch it. Everyone needs to know the true facts about what will soon unexpectedly strike the world so they aren’t fatally duped by the devil and the beast. 

From the wild forests of North Idaho, 

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