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Exciting Report! USA in Prophecy Goes Mainstream


We are a month away from the BIG US election. The entire world is waiting breathlessly to see who will be the next US President, either Trump or Biden. Because the world is thinking about America, I just wrote a new article called “7 Reasons America is Pinpointed in Bible Prophecy.” Many of you know that White Horse Media has recently hired The Adams Group, which is a wonderful Christian Publicity firm, to help us give God’s Word wider exposure. Through that connection, I am thrilled to report that Charisma News just published my America in Prophecy article. To us, this is worth reporting because it means that a large audience is now being exposed to what the Bible teaches about America in Revelation 13:11. If you want a great biblical dose of inspiration, read that article, then share the link. 

Also, don’t miss our next White Horse Media LIVE broadcast on our Youtube channel this Tuesday, October 6, at 4 PM PT, called, “Western US Fiery Apocalypse.” Our White Horse Media team will discuss the terrible fires now devastating California, Oregon, Washington, and other western states. Pray for those fighting these fires, and for those whose lives have been affected.

We appreciate your prayers, too. 

In the midst of today’s tragedies, God is still good!

Thank you for being a friend of White Horse Media.


  1. Pastor Steve,

    I just read your article from Charisma mag on the End Times Headlines website. Very interesting perspective. I will explore more of it on my own.

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