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Day of Judgment Part 2 (Replay). WHM Reopening. Riots & Violence.


If you missed our last livestream, you can watch the replay below. I realize that most people these days have short attention spans and that this program is more than 5 minutes. But believe me, it’s worth a careful watch, following along with an open Bible. In my backyard, I’ve learned that if I want fruit on my fruit trees, the roots of those trees must be healthy. It’s the same with this Bible study from Daniel 7 and 8. If we want to understand “present truth” in these end-times, it is critical that we understand its end-time ROOT, which is Daniel 7 and 8 (especially Daniel 8:14-17 about the cleansing of the sanctuary in “the time of the end”). I really hope you will watch this program!

Also, I am happy to report that because there are very few Coronavirus cases in north Idaho, White Horse Media will reopen shortly and that our staff (some of whom have been working from home) will return full force. Stay tuned for details about our next live program on George Floyd’s tragic death, protests, riots, and racism. The tentative title is, “The Nations Were Angry!” (see Revelation 11:18). 

Until then, stay safe.


  1. Thank you, Pastor Steve as well as White Horse Media! Your encouraging programs are very comforting knowing the Lord is always with us during all the confusion and chaos happening now.

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