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Breaking News: New WHM Series For Evolutionists/Atheists/Agnostics Released


After over a year in production, finally, it’s ready. Today, May 19, 2020, it is my privilege to announce White Horse Media’s newest release entitled God: Fact or Fiction? featuring Dr. Subodh Pandit. This fascinating 14-part series saturated with stunning graphics, animations, and video clips explores the Big Bang, evolution, science, the existence of God, and the claims of religion. On our new website,, you can watch this gripping 4+ minute introductory video:

Do you have family members or friends who struggle with whether God exists or not? Perhaps they have been disillusioned by the failures of some who claim to be religious. Do you long to reach them in a way that won’t turn them off? If so, this series is perfect for sharing and dialog. The DVD jacket says:

Because we want thousands to watch this, we have made the entire series available for free on You can also order the DVD from White Horse Media for only $9.95 (plus S&H).

Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. This 14-part series is gentle, intellectually honest, engaging and challenging. It will keep you on the edge of your seat! Again, it is carefully designed to be shared with anyone who questions whether God exists. 

Watch it for free at

Purchase the DVD from White Horse Media. 1-800-782-4253. Or order online here. Dr. Pandit’s 2-book set, Come Search With Me, is also available.

A special thanks to Dr. Pandit and our White Horse Media team (specifically, Jaime Galvez and Jeff Kyle) who have put countless hours into this timely, critical project. As you know, White Horse Media exists because of the generous gifts of our supporters. You can donate to White Horse Media here

I have no doubt that God: Fact or Fiction? is God-ordained to become a powerful tool for the Holy Spirit to sensibly appeal to many hurting, skeptical hearts that are sincerely searching for truth. It’s fabulous!

Please pray for this project, and for those who will watch it. 

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