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Pastor David Guerrero

Pastor David Guerrero

Pastor David Guerrero has engaged in professional pastoral and evangelistic ministry for 18 years. He has traveled to many places across North America serving as pastor, counselor, evangelist, revivalist and seminar presenter.  David’s passion is helping others come to experience the abundant life in Jesus Christ.  David specializes on the topic of the family and relationships, as well as leading individuals, groups, organizations and churches to understand and experience the righteousness of Christ. David’s, Family Life in These End Time Seminars and Life in Him-Righteousness By Faith Seminars, have made lasting impact on individuals and churches.  David loves sharing Bible truths as well Bible Prophecy.  Most of all his joy is helping others discover these truths as they are in Jesus. Sharing the message of the power of Christ as found in the Everlasting Gospel and the Three Angels Messages has been what brings excitement and joy into David’s life.  David is happily married to his wife Jacquelyn of twenty four (24) years and together God has blessed them with four (4) wonderful children.

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Upcoming meetings:

  • Preparing Your Family for What Lies Ahead (Feb 26-28, 2016)
  • Life in Him Bible Prophecy Seminar (March 14 – April 2, 2016)

David Guerrero and Family