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4 Wohlberg Meetings on The Bloody Woman Jan. 22-24 WATCH LIVE


This weekend (January 21-24) I will give a 4-part series at Hartland Institute in Rapidan, Virginia, for their Winter 2021 Convocation. My focus will be to explore and explain Revelation chapter 17, which is the heart of my newest book, The Bloody Woman and the Seven-Headed Beast. Here is the Convocation graphic:

My scheduled talks (all times are Eastern Time) will occur during these meetings:

Friday 6:45 pm: Identifying the Bloody Woman
Saturday 10:45 am: Identifying the Seven-Headed Beast
Saturday 6:45 pm: And There are Seven Kings
Sunday 8:45 am: Ten Horns at War with the Lamb

Here is the entire schedule:

Here is the main link to Hartland’s Youtube channel. I am told that the live stream will come up when each meeting goes live, so if you are on the channel, you can watch it live. 

Tomorrow (January 21) we are also sending out a press release to mainstream media seeking interviews about The Bloody Woman and the Seven-Headed Beast, and the potential prophetic significance of America now having a Roman Catholic president who is not only a friend of Pope Francis, but who also supports the Pope’s encyclical, Ladauto Si. 

I would very much appreciate your prayers for the Hartland Convocation, and for our press release to mainstream media. 

May God help us in these momentous days. 

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