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1300 Bloody Woman Books Mailed. Rabbi Eric Walker & Wohlberg Interview


White Horse Media is super busy these days. We just shipped out 1300 packages of our newest book, The Bloody Woman and the Seven-Headed Beast. Our staff prayed over these books before we took them to the post office. We are so excited about this project! Because the price is only between $2-3 per book (depending on quantities), they are selling like hotcakes. To order (if you haven’t done so already), call 1-800-782-4253, or order on our website

Monthly Interview with Eric Walker: I am now a regular guest—on the first Monday of every month—of Rabbi Eric Walker on his Igniting a Nation Broadcasting Network watched in many countries around the world. Two days ago, our topic was the mysterious dream and prophecy found in Daniel chapter 2. The Lord blessed that interview. You can watch it below. Next month we will tackle Daniel 7, with a special focus on the identity of the “little horn” described in Daniel 7:8. Stay tuned!

Protecting our TV Programs from a Social Media Crackdown: As most are aware, ‘Big Tech’ is increasingly clamping down on Bible-believing Christians by removing their videos, posts, and channels from mainstream social media platforms. Freedom of speech, a wonderful gift from God, is struggling for its very survival. Looking ahead, many of us can see the proverbial writing on the wall. Because Satan works behind the scenes, and because he hates God’s Word, we expect the situation to worsen as we approach earth’s final crisis. We realize that someday the devil’s knife may slice into us, too, and many of our programs will no longer be so easily accessible. To protect God’s work for as long as possible, White Horse Media is now doing research on building and securing our own computer servers, so that our truth-filled programs will remain hosted by us, so that people around the world can still access them through our website. There will be significant costs involved in doing this, but we believe it is well worth the effort. Our goal is to be able to share God’s world worldwide as long as possible, especially during the time when “no one can buy or sell, except the one who has the mark.” Revelation 13:17 

We appreciate so much your prayers and support for White Horse Media. Our staff fully believes this is a God-ordained ministry raised up “for such a time as this.” Ezra 4:14


  1. Hi Steve. Regarding freedom of speech and the continued ability to keep your material visible and available you might want to investigate the Brighteon video hosting platform. This is run by Mike Adams at Natural Mike is a free speech and natural health advocate and has run up against censorship many times and is attempting to stay as many steps ahead as possible of this tsunami of narrative control that serves to keep so many people in the dark on a wide range of topics. Your material will not be censored there. Additional to the video hosting platform you can also access This is a twitter-like social media platform that will allow you to speak freely and openly without fear of having your wrists slapped. These two platforms are gaining significant popularity currently according to Mike. Keep up the good work Steve. All the Lords blessings to you, your family and staff.

  2. Thank you for the book. I ordered one. Agree with it.
    It is clear that God made sure to place his truth re this topic over and over and repeated in different images and imagery through different chapters yet all pointing to the same truth so no one would miss it. It seems in our day prophecy is popping wide open and becoming very clear rt the times we are in.
    I feel they track many of us online as to what we post on social media and follow us to see what we watch, read, listen to order et. They probably have a profile on most all of us. Especially if we believe these truths and state them. It is the wrong time to be shy re these truths so despite we have to boldly got forward and put the truth out wherever we can and leave the rest to God. We are supposed to be “fishers of men”, “ the salt of the earth” and a “city on a hill”. As well as watchmen and women. I only ordered one book bc I like to read it before share. Will probably order more. Thank you.

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