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End Time Delusions  End Time Delusions

End Time Delusions is Steve Wohlberg's most popular book about Bible prophecy. Comprehensive and eye-opening, it separates fact from speculative fiction about the rapture, the tribulation, antichrist, Israel, and the end of the world. Available in softcover, hardcover, DVD and CD formats.

Exploding the Israel Deception  Exploding the Israel Deception

Exploding the Israel Deception is like dropping an atomic bomb upon the prophetic ideas of the majority of the Christian world. Steve Wohlberg proves that the book of Revelation swirls around "the Israel of God" (Gal. 6:16), not "Israel after the flesh" (1 Cor. 10:18). Available in English and Spanish.

The Left Behind Deception  The Left Behind Deception

This bestselling 98 page book thoughtfully and yet boldly exposes Left Behind's "secret rapture" myth. This book is a small sharing book and contains the same "Rapture content" as in the larger book, "End Time Delusions".

The Rapture Delusions  The Rapture Delusions

The Rapture Delusions shatters popular myths, breaks the spell of false theories, reveals solid biblical truth, and will help prepare you for "the end of the world."

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