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Our Biggest Outreach for God. Live 2012 Seminar on The Hope Channel

[Posted by Steve Wohlberg on 4-17-12]

Dear friend of White Horse Media,

We're excited! In God's marvelous providence, a large door has opened for White Horse Media to share the core truths of the Third Angel's Message (see Revelation 14:9-12) before possibly millions of viewers, live, on television, on The Hope Channel, October 5,6.

Here are the details:

  • >8 churches around Worcester, Massachusetts, have banded together and rented the 1600-seat Sullivan Auditorium of Worcester State University for our "2012 and the End of the World" Bible prophecy seminar, and they will do large-scale advertising to 'pack the house.'
  • >The four topics are: 1) "2012 and the End of the World," 2) "How to Prepare for the Apocalypse," 3) "The Issue that Divides the World," and 4) "September 11 and the Mark of the Beast." These meetings will cover 2012 theories, biblical "signs of the times," the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, our Savior's agony in Gethsemane, His unfathomable love revealed on Calvary, the Ten Commandments, the identity of the "Beast" and it's deadly "Mark," and the necessity of being 100% on the side of Jesus Christ today.
  • >Gospel singer Christian Berdahl of The Shepherd's Call will sing during each meeting, plus give a live concert on Saturday afternoon.
  • >The entire seminar will be broadcast "live" on The Hope Channel throughout North America and will be viewed in many churches that choose to advantage of this special opportunity to reach their own communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ and the special truths of the Third Angel's Message.
  • >YOUR CHURCH can register today to be one of these churches.
  • >Advertising has already been prepared by White Horse Media.
  • >Everything you need to know is now viewable on www.hisvoicetoday.com/2012seminar/

White Horse Media has been operating for many years, but this is probably our biggest opportunity ever to share "present truth" (2 Peter 1:12), God's Law, and the precious message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ (see Jer. 23:5,6) with so many people. The entire seminar will be available also on DVD.

Here are the financial facts. Led by our producer, Charles Lawson, White Horse Media will hire a professional crew to film the series. Our entire budget (which includes flights, hotels, meals, rental cars, a television truck, equipment rentals, etc) is $30,000. We must raise this money, and we trust the Lord to do it through generous donors. White Horse Media employees will contribute to this too. Donations can be made by calling 1-800-782-4253, by check (send to: WHM, P.O. Box 1139, Newport, WA 99156), or online at www.whitehorsemedia.com. All gifts for this project should be earmarked "2012 Seminar." If we receive more than $30,000, we will use the overflow for other pressing expenses we daily incur in God's work.

If 30 people give $1000 each, we will have more than enough. A $1000 pledge can also be divided into $200 per month for the next 5 months. If you can't swing $1000, any amount will help. We are presenting this urgent need before our supporters, and trust that God will make it happen.

Again, we are very excited.

YOUR CHURCH can be involved and can register today at www.hisvoicetoday.com/2012seminar/

During this unique series -- broadcast live on The Hope Channel -- people will be notified of the soon return of Jesus Christ, warned about the Beast and its deadly Mark, and given an urgent appeal to receive and obey Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior so they can enjoy eternal bliss with God and holy angels on the earth made new (see Revelation 21:1). "And the earth was lightened with his glory" (Revelation 18:1). "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice ... Here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus" (Revelation 14:9,12).

Please pray for this event, and support us if you can.

Forward by faith!

Steve Wohlberg

Speaker/Director, White Horse Media


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