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New Ten Commandments Tracts Arrive!

[Posted 10-6-11] White Horse Media is thrilled to announce that our new Ten Commandments tracts just arrived! How important are the Ten Commandments? Consider these ten fast facts:

  1. The Ten Commandments were "written with the finger of God" (Ex. 31:18).

  2. They are the only thing God Himself ever wrote that we can still read today.

  3. God wrote this law on two "tables of stone" (Ex. 31:18) which means that the Ten Commandments are permanent and can never be changed.

  4. The words, "Jew" and "Israel" are not found in the Ten Commandments because this law applies to everyone, Jew and Gentile.

  5. The Ten Commandments deal with eternal principles of right and wrong, such as stealing, lying, committing adultery, coveting, and honoring one's parents.

  6. The Ten Commandments can't save anyone, but they can be used by God mightily to convince sinners about what they need to be saved from - sin (see Rom. 3:20).

  7. A true understanding of God's Law creates a deep need for a Savior, Jesus Christ (see Galatians 3:24).

  8. God will have a people at the end of time who truly "keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus" (Rev. 14:12)

  9. The Devil hates God's Law, and those who keep it (see Rev. 12:17).

  10. Those who obey the Ten Commandments will be "blessed" (Rev. 22:14, KJV).

The Ten Commandments are unique, God-written, and powerful, and our new tract is a fantastic and easy way to cooperate with the Lord Himself in His earnest efforts to convict sinners of sin, lead the lost to Jesus Christ, reform hearts and homes, and bless the world. Our new tracts contain the whole Ten Commandment Law, word-for-word, plus many Scriptures about how to be saved through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Try offering one to a family member, friend, or stranger, and then say, "How would you like your own personal copy of the Ten Commandments? Here, it's free!" If you do this, many will receive it with deep interest, and then read God's Law for the first time in their entire lives. How exciting!

Our tracts are only 10 cents each, come in packs of 250, for $25 each. So, for $25 (plus shipping) you get 250 copies of the Ten Commandments and Bible texts about the plan of salvation to share with others. At White Horse Media, we strongly believe that God is behind this project, and that large blessings will rest upon everyone who faithfully helps spread the word.

Order online here,
or by calling 1-800-782-4253.

Blessed are those who do His commandments,
that they may have a right to the tree of life,
and may enter through the gates of the city...
the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

(Revelation 22:14,21 KJV).

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