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The Holy Spirit falls in Cicero, Indiana

[Posted Feb. 1, 2011]. Two days ago Gilbert Navarro and Steve Wohlberg returned with great joy and deep gratitude in their hearts to Jesus Christ for the mighty manifestation of His grace during each of six meetings in Cicero, Indiana, Jan. 27-29. As with Paul in ancient Corinth, Cicero also witnessed "the demonstration of the Spirit and of power" (1 Cor. 2:4), especially among the large group of Cicero Academy teenagers who attended most of the meetings. "Renounce the world, the flesh, the devil, and all alluring Hollywood entertainment," was the Spirit's urgent plea through Steve, "and give your hearts 100% to Him who died for you." About 25 students rose to the feet indicating their firm choice.

The family of one boy standing had previously moved halfway across America so that their son could attend a strong Christian school. What a thrill for those parents! Truly, the prayers of many fathers and mothers were answered last weekend. And what about those teenager's guardian angels? How did they respond? "I say to you," declares the Savior, "that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents" (Luke 15:10). Many boxes of the little jewel, Steps to Christ, were freely given to students, parents, and many others, and on Saturday night, most of our large supply of White Horse Media CDs, DVDs, books and pocketbooks were distributed to eager attendees. "These meetings are providential," reported Pastor Ron Kelly. Praise the Lord!

Notice this carefully. In ancient times,

Revivals brought deep heart-searching and humility. They were characterized by solemn, earnest appeals to the sinner, by yearning compassion for the purchase of the blood of Christ. Men and women prayed and wrestled with God for the salvation of souls. The fruits of such revivals were seen in souls who shrank not at self-denial and sacrifice, but rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer reproach and trial for t he sake of Christ. Men beheld a transformation in the lives of those who had professed the name of Jesus. The community was benefited by their influence. They gathered with Christ, and sowed to the Spirit, to reap life everlasting...This is the result of the work of the Spirit of God (The Great Controversy, pp. 462-463).

It is just such revivals that are needed right now. This is no time for fluff. Time is too short.

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